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 Ownership of an officially recognized handgun is not for everyone. Notwithstanding wide-ranging legal prohibitions, sincere consideration must be given to one's personal beliefs and guiding values, coupled with a straightforward assessment as to the fitting need for a firearm. Doing so is fundamental toward achieving responsible individual handgun ownership. Therefore, should you find yourself in serious contemplation of initiating the process of obtaining same, particularly within the confines of the City of New York, I can carry out an invaluable service for you.

Distinct from the additional six-one counties within the great State of New York, "New York County" (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx) continues as a separate entity with respect to the licensure of personal handgun privileges. As anyone who has dealt with a typical governmental agency knows, the NYPD license division can be confusing, irrational, taxing and at times outright utterly senseless! Whereas no independent organization can lay claim to expediting an application and/or its investigative findings, there is a more likely alternative geared toward facilitating an advantageous result, via the submission of a competently organized handgun license petition within the City of New York.

Sure Shot Consulting offers comprehensive, time-managed services, as distinguished by an innovative blend of investigative strategy and meticulous case report writing. I am not a typing service nor an attorney's office. What I can offer you is a fully experienced perspective toward analyzing, planning and executing a first rate application for lawful handgun possession within the City of New York.