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Sure Shot Consulting: Bio

James Condoluci - Private Investigator

Sure Shot Consulting is a privately held investigative consultancy, as exclusively owned and managed by yours truly. I am a duly licensed NYS private investigator with nearly thirty years of combined professional law enforcement experience within both civilian and military police agencies, as well as the private corporate security sector. However, it was my twenty-year career with NYPD that has given me the ready proficiency as to the who, what, where, when, why and how, regarding all concerning issues of handgun licensing within the City of New York. After working roughly seventeen years in and out of various patrol and wide-ranging investigative "street" assignments; an opportune transfer to the handgun license division had in due course deepened my overall ability to understand and shed light on the very essence of NYC handgun licensure, and the ridiculously incongruous process involved in obtaining one.

As a senior investigator within the new application section managing a multitude of filed submissions thereof; I had quickly gained the respect and trust of my superiors and eventually assigned the following significant tasks:

  • In-house unit training officer.
  • Key liaison officer to applicable federal, state & local agencies.
  • Designated unit spokesperson to visiting national/international officials seeking to emulate NYC licensing laws.
  • Provider of expert testimony within an all-encompassing range of adjudicative, civil and criminal forums. 


Furthermore, as a sanctioned NYS private investigator, I offer qualified assistance to individuals doubtful or uncertain as to have had prior occasion within the criminal justice system via timely secured, adeptly read criminal history reports. Moreover, said service shall further extend to unresolved DMV and unsettled civil court proceedings.